Mentor Club

About Mentor Club

At Mentor Club Tutoring Center, we provide high quality Math and Science (Physics and Chemistry) tutoring.

We focus on understanding and application rather than drill keeping higher education in mind. We believe that it is important to prepare a child for higher education in advance for an easy transition.

Your Success - Our Motive

Our Commitment

  • We dedicated to providing unparalleled individual mathematics and science support to our students.
  • We dedicated to build confidence for students and to excel in class.

Our Service Hallmarks

Our services are defined by the following hallmarks:

  • Flexibility - We understand that parents and students have busy schedules. We work hard to accommodate your scheduling needs.
  • Ease of Enrollment - Enrollment simply involves scheduling an appointment with us, and after the first session with our tutor, we will then create a personalized instructional plan for your child and establish an instructional schedule that matches the students availability.
  • Excellent Tutors - Our tutor achieves results. Our tutor's mastery of the subject matter and passion for teaching enables them to motivate students and build confidence.
  • Effective Curriculum - Our programs offer curricula and supplemental material that mirror those of the local schools.

Our Instructor

    Our instructor, Jay Huang, received a Ph.D. degree in engineering from the University of Maryland. As part of his graduate studies he also earned a minor in mathematics and statistics. He was a visiting scholar at Stanford University. Mr. Huang holds two United States Patents for his research work in signal processing applications, which was based upon complex mathematical derivation and computations.

    Mr. Huang has been tutoring students since he was a high school senior. He taught undergraduate and graduate courses while he was pursuing his doctorate degree. Since then he has extensive professional experience in tutoring and teaching students of all levels for many years. His mastery of the subjects and his clear and patient way of presenting them make it easy for students to learn. He has helped many students achieve significantly higher grades and gain competence in math and other subjects. And he has consistently received outstanding reviews from students and parents for being an effective teacher. Check out the testimonials.

    Mr. Huang's AP Calculus AB and BC test scores were 5/5, AP Statistics test score was 5/5 and SAT subject test mathematics Level II score was 800, the highest possible scores. He has also taken and passed the California Subject Examinations for Teachers® (CSET®) for mathematics Level I, II, and III at first attempt. These tests were developed by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) for prospective teachers who choose to or are required to meet specific requirements for certification. This accomplishment demonstrates that Mr. Huang understands the California K–12 Student academic Content Standards and curriculum framework.

    Math has been Mr. Huang's love since his childhood and teaching it has become his passion. During his spare time Mr. Huang enjoys solving challenging math problems, playing the piano and doing home improvement projects.


Our goal is to provide highest quality math and science tutoring and to help our students excel in academics.